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Uthando (Love) South Africa is a unique and innovative Non Profit and Fair Trade in Tourism accredited company. The aim of Uthando is to raise funds and other forms of assistance for community development projects in South Africa.

Uthando also offers:

authentic, uplifting, fun, inspirational, interactive and meaningful experiences

for FIT travellers as well as groups of any size in the sprawling and impoverished townships of Cape Town.

The Uthando Tours run as daily scheduled tours AND tailormade private tours (for groups of any size) to suite particular interests, whether it be urban agriculture; animal welfare; youth development through the medium of art, dance, choir singing, classical music, drumming or sport; special needs education; assistance to refugees; the environment; economic empowerment through skills development; arts and crafts; township theatre; prisoner rehabilitation; care and protection for children, women and the elderly.

Visit from Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The visit by Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Uthando to the “oldies” at Neighbourhood Old Age Homes (NOAH) From left, Ndumie Funda (Luleki Sizwe), Mama Sinah (NOAH), Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Tata Patrick Mrabalala, Thembie Gaclo (NOAH), James Fernie (Uthando South Africa)

Reviews :

I cannot believe that I have visited South Africa since I was 8 years old, but never seen anything that taught me as much as those few hours did. Incredible work you are doing ! Thank you so much.
Sally Kirby

Formerly of Black Tomato
London, UK

The morning we spent with you visiting the projects was for me, the highlight of our trip to Cape Town. It was not only meaninfgul and interesting but totally inspiring. The courage of Margaret and Nokwanda and the team from the Abalimi vegetable gardens to pursue their projects in the midst of such adversity and poverty is incredible. The sights we saw and people we met that morning have stayed with me since and I hope will remain with the boys for ever and cause them to appreciate the advantages they have in life.

Pearce Family

We absolutely loved the Uthando Tour! The way you approach the problems that the township communities are facing, is definitely one of the most sustainable and amazing options to get a look inside.
Evelien Van Veen, Talisman Travel Design

You have one of if not THE BEST MODEL for helping travelers better understand the local issues in a responsible way. Your service is needed and so very valuable!
Priscilla P. Macy
Global Sojourns
Arlington, USA